"No steam logon"


I know that this is a very common question here, but I seem to have a problem with it.
Usually deleting “Clientregistery.blob” should fix is, but this doesn’t fix it either.
I keep getting disconnected from the servers I play daily, and nothing has changed so far.
Another guy reported the same problem to me, he couldn’t join either.
Anyone idea’s what it is or how to fix it?


Try to remove the files in your steam folder besides your steamapps and steam.exe and try to reinstall your steam.

Doesn’t sound like something that I should do, 1: you have 4 posts, 2: More people have this problem, so I think it’s not me.

I have this problem aswell. All we can do is wait.

Well yeh but I used to have this problem and I reinstalled my steam and it worked. I don’t know if it will this time but yeh you get my point.