No steam overlay?



Ive grown a bit tired of alt tabbing out of rust to change the spotify song, or to see the map. However i thought it was because Rust was in early access they dont have the Overlay ingame yet. I was wrong

Ive been googling this for the past couple weeks on and off. I can’t really seem to fix the issue.

Ive tried:
reinstalling rust
verifying game cache
disabling antivirus
restarting computer
remapping overlay keys

Nothing works. Just wondering if anyone has the same problem / if they had, how did they fix it?

edit: it does work for other games, like GMod

Do you use dxtory


Same problem mate, the overlay works for all my games except Rust

weird, steam overlay works fine for me.

is the overlay’s shortcut still the standard Shift+Tab? if it is try changing it in steam>settings>in-game to a different key/key-combo.

Tried that, no combo works

Yea does not work. I heard fraps goes in the way but i dont even have fraps installed.
Is there a list of programs that interfere? Because i dont see any thing much in task manager. Overlay doesnt launch

I use bandicam. Will report back, see if disabling bandicam fixes the issue.

Same, haven’t been able to figure it out either.

i found with some unity games, recording software does conflict, thats how i fixed mine.

I fixed it! sort of!

I just went to start -> run -> then typed " msconfig "

Then went to the start up tab, checked “hide all microsoft services” and then disabled all. I restarted my computer after.

It worked! I tried to examine the apps i disabled, but nothing seems suspicious, but i know its one of them. I dont know the exact one though. Anyway its good because it fixed my problem and made my computer boot up a tad bit faster :smiley:

Hope it fixed yours too!