No Stones!

I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are 0 stone nodes on the Hapis* map for a week already. (Facepunch Amsterdam II)

Oh but, but!
“Let’s give them a new patch with new stuff like granades, SMG and Research tables! but don’t give them materials! Yeah that will do it!”


How are we supposed to make any of the new stuff you give us without stone nodes?? We can’t even make fkn stone hatchet, let alone some smgs & nades…
You are planing to add rad towns, barrels and new graphics. Again, 2 weeks without stone. Nobody cares what you add if there is no main resource available in the game. Unplayable… even for “early access”.

Here check this link, this problem was solved last week.

This doesn’t apply to Hapis Island, only procedural maps.

Hapis is still fucked up. They know it is. The fixes didn’t make it into yesterday’s update.

So do they have an estimate when it will be fixed?

Hapis is due to be unsucked with the update next Thursday.

“Lets make a thread about something that there are already a million threads about!”