No styles on bunny hop dedicated server.

I recently started a Garry’s Mod dedicated server and followed Gravious’, or GM Speedruns’, tutorials on how to make this a bunny hop server. Everything worked fine until I attempted to change style. Every time I attempt to change style (a.k.a. typing !w, !hsw, etc. or by simply typing !style and picking one of those) the server froze. It gives me that red error disconnect message in the to right hand corner of the screen and disconnects me, and if I try to reconnect, it just says “connection failed after 4 retries”. I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this issue. My ports are open and friends are in occasionally but I always tell them not to do it, and, yes, it happens with them in or out of the server. Gravious was unable to aid me in this situation, so, as a last resort, I’m posting onto the forums. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


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