Hey lads,

My friend and I decided to get our own server going, that would fit our needs in terms of difficulty, that we couldn’t find anywhere else.
The server was made 23-01-2014 and last wiped 25-01-2014. We already have around 20 players in our server.

So let’s talk about the useful stuff - difficulties and changes we’ve made for the server:

  1. C4 does NOT drop anywhere. We’ve switched C4 out with Explosives.
  • To ensure that people have to put time and effort if they want to raid people. Just like the people getting raided put time and effort in to their houses.
  1. Some modern weapons have a lower drop chance (M4, Shotgun and BAR).

  2. Reduced the amount of ammo dropping from air drops.

  3. We’re planning on reducing the drop chance on Holo sight.

  • We believe it’s the strongest mod. (It will get the same drop chance as the Silencer).
  1. Admins will NOT spawn items for anyone.
  • This creates an inequality in the server, and that’s one of the reasons we started our own server aswell.
    We’ve witnessed admins spawning themselves loot on different servers and dying afterwards, resulting in mass contribution of modern weapons, kevlar etc.
  1. We have added Cloth armor to the zombie drop table. It has a higher chance of dropping than Leather armor.

**That being said we’d like to explain our thought process behind these changes. **
We want people to be able to get started easily and have the time to prepare themselves before getting raided by bandits.
And to prevent that we completely removed C4 from the drop table. Therefore you MUST craft C4s.
This change should also embrace solo play, seeing as you don’t have to fight for air drops against big groups, just to get C4s.

To connect to the server:

  1. Press F1 to show your console.
  2. Copy this message in to your console: net.connect

If you’d like to contact an admin regarding anything our IGN is ‘Katil’ and ‘Micro’.


For lazy people: net.connect

We have just performed a full wipe!
Join us in a completely fresh server