No text in Options/Utilities tab

First of all sorry for my bad English. (If it is bad, Im not from an country where you speak English)
I have the problem that I have no text in the Utilities/Options tab in Spawnmenu.
Here are some pictures.



What I’ve already tried:
Verifying Game Cache
ReInstalling Garry’s Mod
Deleting/Unsubscribing Addons
Updating VideoCard drivers

I hope someone can help me.

I don’t understand the issue. I can see text under “Text should be here.”

I added that with PhotoShop here is how it actually looks.



What’s the issue? There’s text there.

There should be text next to the ticks

There is??? It says “Shoot targets” and “Only aim assist when target is in sight.”

Wat o.o

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Maybe Im Colour Blind but I don’t see anything.

There sure is text.

Now I know what caused it.
My Gamma was so high that the text was completely white.
Anyway thanks for replying.