No toolgun for non-admins?

How do I enable the toolgun for non-admins? I checked my Spacebuild server, and people say they don’t have it. I assume my other servers are the same. I assume it’s an entry in my server.cfg file I need. What am I missing?

It’s a script.

Um, no. There’s a server.cfg entry I need.

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It’s a script.
Their is no cfg command that allows or disables physgun.

One of your admin mods is restricting it.

I’m using ULX…

That’s it. Check Ulx commands.

Ulx help i believe.

Then make sure it’s allowing everyone to have a toolgun.

Specifics would be helpful. And anyway, ULX is the same config-wise on each server, what’s the difference here?

Well, as you said your self; on every server non-admins are lacking toolgun, so - Yea.

Anyways, you could try adding this, in gamemodes/Spacebuild/gamemode/init.lua

[lua]function GM:PlayerLoadout( pl )
ply:Give (“gmod_tool”)

That makes players recieve a toolgun, each time they spawn, incase you didnt know.
This might not work, if Ulx is blocking non-admins from getting it, but It’s worth a try I’d say.

I don’t see how ULX could block something on one server and not on every other server. Nothing’s different except the gamemode.

What’s your spacebuilds server IP?


I just redid it because the same thing was happening. I really have no addons now except wire, phx, and ulx.

Well, I’m about to go to bed, pm me your steam name and tomorrow I’ll fix the problem for you.