No tools online! (mac)

On some servers, it appears that my tools will not load. If I make my own server, they will not load either. I have spoken to several people with the same problem on the mac but I have yet to find a solution. Could anyone help?

Re-install Garry’s Mod.

I think it’s because the Lua Cache doesn’t get downloaded…

probably the servers fast-dl :confused:

Reinstall doesnt work unfortunately.


how would you make a server not a fast dl server??

Now, are the same tools installed on the server you join? Because the server will not let you use tools that aren’t installed on it.

Is it just on one server or not? If it is , its servers fault , other wise garry f’ed up again :stuck_out_tongue:

If you downloaded them and the server doesn’t have it it won’t work.

Try it in single player, if they work then only you have them.