No toybox?

I don’t understand why I don’t have toybox! I can Dl maps before I start the game (that toybox is there) but when I start SP, I don’t have it as a tab. :confused: Someone know why it’s like that?

My friend said he had the same problem :L

Do you have the legit version of Gmod?

Toybox just wont load for me in game :C

did you make sure to start the game in single-player mode?

Toybox isn’t available in multi-player mode.

Yes, I’m sure. I know it doesn’t start in MP.

I think toybox ONLY works on the sandbox gamemode.


Are you running the game on the default sandbox gamemode?



I already tried all the usual stuff. :confused:

Check your cache, reinstall, make completely SURE you’re running on defaults (when i started after the toybox maps update i started multiplayer because i didn’t see the new buttons) and are you sure you’re looking for the TOYBOX tab in the Q MENU, after ENTITIES? If you’re playing on a low res you might not see the tab.

Also, make sure it isn’t a listen server. Listen server isn’t singleplayer.