No update / patch today..

Garrys got the shits… this really is a shitpost :smiley:

wheres it say this

[del]It’s still Thursday for 4 hours and 24 minutes in Walsall.[/del]

Sorry didn’t know the poop rumors were true

Ah. Thanks for the link.

Of all people, Garry should know this most. You gotta COOK that meat!

I wish the best of luck to both of Garry’s external orifices.


Well, the servers may not need a wipe, but sounds like Garry might.

well this is crap. it makes me sick to hear stuff like this;)

(feel better soon bro)

IKR? Raw meat will rapidly decrease your health points!

Hahaha … sorry Garry, but very funny Crunchmeister!

Ok, its out! Nice!

Its a Friday Devblog?!?!! just updated! yay!