No Update?

So, no update this week? No message from Facepunch? Garry?

The only consistent communication I’ve seen from Facepunch are angsty MODs on these forums who consistently shoot down ideas and have a itchy ban trigger fingers - The lack of communication is appalling.

Ya wheres the update im curious too !

GDC’s this week, so Garry and maybe a couple of other devs are out of the office to do some learning-from-peers type stuff.

Curious you said? YES…

Front page should read Updateless fortnight.

It takes all of 5 minutes to post a quick update each week to say what the debs are working on. It’s not hard to communicate, this team suck at it.

Even if there is no patch just give a quick note about what they did or what challenges they face etc. a little bit of communication goes a long way but they seem to not really give a stuff.

I agree

the ONLY thing i know for sure is that a New waaay better UI is coming soon

other then that nothing…

UI doesn’t look that appealing.

We don’t need anymore threads asking about updates.

They’re working hard, so just stop all the spamming and be patient.

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We have yet to see the end of the week. There might be an update or there might not be an update. Either way we’ll most likely get some information. I don’t understand why everyone’s whining that there’s a lack of information and they work so slow etc.

Be patient, it’s been a week.

First of all, the UI isn’t entirely finished yet, so don’t judge it until you’ve actually had a chance to try it. Second, it was stated in the past that the main thing holding the devs back from adding more content was the old NGUI. So, I’m sure once the new UI is finished, we will hopefully see more frequent content updates.

its like you think they gonna do anything for us on the weekend…

BTW the new UI is maybe not appealing for everyone but compared to what we have now its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better…

They went to the GDC so problably no update this week :). The main issue is not the LACK OF UPDATE but the lack of information regarding the updates and the route this game is going. Not that it bothers me but i would love if they could have someone just to take care of the website updates and the community interaction. I totally forgot the name of this function but it should be a must for FP.

A simple post on playrust "no update this week as we are going to gdc but check these things out…etc etc etc " would be awesome.

Having someone to post the updates every once in a while or at least interact with the community would be awesome. I know garry and the devs are doing but i dont think everyone keep following their twitter and every social network they use just to know if there will be an update or not :|.

About the UI not looking that appealing : Garry mentioned that the UI is kinda holding them back and limiting a lot of stuff. I think it was the same thing with the sky and its problably the same thing with a lot of stuff they use that they need to work on. I supose they need to take care of those stuff first before adding any new real content to the game. With the new sky we can have weather change,biomes etc. With the new UI we can have a lot of new stuff as well.

Honestly… this game has so much potential and so many things that can be done to it that most of us check trello and forum on a regular basis just to find out what they are working on.

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It seems very few people actually read the update that said it might be a week or two for the next update.

So, they’re unable to write a quick note to facilitate communication with the consumer of their product?

the big gaz has had bad experience with a “community manager”

it’ll never happen

I agree with OP. More so because the mods on this site are way too ban happy. Over the most stupid things too. I’ll be banned after this post I’m sure.

Bans are warnings, back in the day you would get autobanned for spelling poorly.

As for the UI, it’s not a aesthetics thing, but a programing thing, the current ui uses a terrible outdated jurry rigged system, once they finish the new one it should be more streamlined and easier to add new stuff to.

Yea, 60 seconds to post an updated status is apparently too much. It is becoming more and more clear that Facepunch isn’t cut out for this sort of thing. Game development, community management, etc. It is a shame too because this had a lot of promise.

you’re an entitled dick