No username folder for new account

I just made a new account to re-buy Garry’s Mod and when i go to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps

I don’t have a username folder for the new user i just made. I did not have to re-download Garry’s Mod since i already have it downloaded. Is it possible it’s using the content from my other username? I don’t have the same addon content though so i don’t think that’s it. Help?

Is the gmod folder in a folder named common inside steamapps?

Nope, i already checked

I think it’s possible it’s using the other account’s content. Probably because the SteamPipe convert didn’t go well.

How do i fix this?

But, i dont have any of the addons or anything from my other Garry’s mod

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Also, when i try downloading things from the workshop the download is just frozen

Delete local content and reinstall. Make sure all of your Garry’s Mod folders are deleted before you do this.