No vehicles are spawning on my RP server.

For some reason, absolutely no vehicles spawn. Not even the airboat seats, or custom car addons (namely Sgt.Sickness’s RP Car Pack).

I’ve searched on the forum already and nothing has crept up with any help. I get no errors whatsoever when trying to spawn a vehicle, not even lua ones. Hence why this has got me pretty stumped. I am able to spawn everything else just not the vehicles.

I would really love your experienced help here guys, as I am baffled like a waffle. Thanks guys. :slight_smile: Muchos Gracias.

Edit: Also, I know for a fact it’s not due to any vehicle limits as I’ve set those myself. :slight_smile:


Why do people post usless shit in the help subforums >.>

What admin mod are you using, and what gamemode are you using?

The gamemode is DarkRP and the admin mod is Exsto. Sorry for the delayed reply, I was away.

It’s all good, uhhh I havn’t used Exsto that much, I’ll mess with it for a bit, I’ll see if I can spawn vehicles with this.

Ok, thank you very much mate. I’ll eagerly await your reply.

Do you use srcds.exe? If so: Make sure you don’t only download garrysmod.
If you run hldsupdatetool.exe for the first time, make sure you add
-command update -game garrysmod -dir “<dir>”
-command update -game hl2dm -dir “<same dir as above>”

Etc. I think you can’t run GMod stand alone without having errors.