"No Victory Is Without It's Sacrifices"

Made this in myo free time.
Listen to this song as you look at the image
I have none
boxy leggings


rate & comment:

Where’s that grass from

It’s in every pic but I can never find it

That crappy render fog sky probably wasn’t necessary.


Use an image of a sky at least

SlitherSoul, it’s the E2 grass.

I really like the posing and angle, its great but the colors are really dull.


Nice pic man.

I expected something in the vain of Halo: Reach.


Cool pic :smiley:

I had expected Left 4 Dead

What’s wrong with the cloth by his left leg?



Title reads: “No Victory Is Without It Is Sacrifices”

bad smoothing on the model


by ‘bad’ i mean ‘there is none’