No war, peace 0nlУ


I’m gonna start a war now.

Just sayin’

Medic is touching his invisible dick?

Dude you should go easy , you’re making too much threads too fast, people will get bored soon if you just don’t slow down.

War is Peace.

It looks like you had some idea going on where it would actually look nice and vibrant, but then you did… whatever it was that you did, and now it just looks really dull and ugly. In fact, the original is much better than the edit.

Another thing I’d point out is, if you can support it, turn up your anti-aliasing and/or your graphics in general.



Turn your AA up.

The editing is superb compared to the original picture, but the picture itself looks sorta random. Can’t really understand what’s going on exactly.

Oh god, the quality and graphics!

I don’t think his video card supports it