No warning when the server falls

So, I just stored my whole inventory save my kevlar armor into my storage on the EU server, not counting several pillars that I was about to place. I opened the door, placed them, and then the server fell. So, most likely it will come back online when I’m not in the game, I’ll get raided and lose all my shit.

Can you please warn us several times 15 minutes ahead of time in the chat or something? For example:
15 min ahead
10 min ahead
5 min ahead
1 min ahead
30 sec ahead
10 sec ahead

That little. Just 6 warnings. I also suggest to already stop people from connecting 30 seconds ahead of time.

I don’t know whether you turned it off for updates or it crashed (And if it’s an update the map will most likely get wiped anyways), but could you please have warnings in the future when turning it off intentionally?

Who cares? It get wiped anyways and this alpha will be in a state were everytime a wipe could happen for long time.

Noone said anything about wipe. Rollback maybe.

Rollback? So they know since when someone is using this bug? I hope they are able to rollback to a point where nobody was duping :slight_smile:

Noone said anyhting about rollback either.

After they fix the dupe method, which they are doing right now. There will be a wipe, not a roll back then dupers would still have stuff.


lol me too, for now anyways, gets rid of all these loons running around with m4’s and massive palaces.

Anyway for original post guy, Just play d game to learn to play and mess about, don’t go spending 16 hours of the day building the taj mahal for it just to get wiped or trolled with 250 c4

It’s Alpha . You can’t expect them to inform about a wipe , sure if it was the full game or even maybe a Beta it would be different. You know what you signed up for when you bought the game.

Its not even about wipes, its just about server restarts that he wants to be informed of.

People dont get it, they will never get it what it means to be in alpha stage…

Of course I can expect it. If they’re about to turn off the server intentionally, they can warn us intentionally as well, alpha or no alpha. In fact, I don’t even see where alpha comes into this situation, it’s totally unrelated.

And to those saying it will get wiped, the EU server didn’t get wiped, and I lost all my stuff. Why? Because the server crashed exactly after I opened the door, which was right after when I put everything but a 9mm and a pickaxe inside my chests.

Had the mine gotten wiped, I wouldn’t give a rats ass, but it didn’t get wiped, so I’m stuck with an incomplete base and no items.