no water area, wall sticker, and standing platform!

Ok i dont know lua but here are some requests.

#1 something that can stick into a wall but unlike the sawblade it only needs a fast speed and it does not need to be fired by the grav gun. Or maybe a tool that can make props stick in walls like a saw blade except only needing a fast speed.

#2 iIhate making under water bases, submarines, etc. and having it filled with water so can someone make a tool that allows you to choose the x, y, and z axis of a wireframe box and make it so water cant be inside it! Like theres a small prop and the wire frame box is projected out of It like the Conna’s tool that makes it so knowone can enter that area but you but with water. I dont know if its possible bu it whould help SO much.

#3 Have you ever tried to stand on a moving vehicle, plane, etc. and snipe and the speed makes you fall or you get hit by the back of the car and X_X or injure yourself… i was thinking, that small PHX3 plate except its under seats and you can just stand on it and fire all your weapons. you can look around except your just stuck standing ontop of the seat intell you press e again.

Ok that sums up a few of my ideas if someone could make any of those i whould be very thankful. (Im not gonna buy you anything or give you a reward but it whould just be awesome to have those.)

Knowone has answered me, i just was bored so i threw out ideas. Im not dumb and my ideas are not, i just wanna ask if anyone could make this!? Is this not the kind of stuff other people post here? Did i do something wrong? Or was it a troll who put dumb? I wanna make sure i dont ever make a bumb post again

Your second idea is impossible. And I believe #3 has already been done. #1 I don’t even understand why anyone would need that.

Then where’s the link to #3?

i tried to make a sword that could stick in walls the saw blade method does not work to well
But i know of many other ways to use something that can stick in walls also i was thinking it can also stick in players

You’d have to edit the sawblade’s hitbox and stuff. :downs:

Good luck with that.