No water surface or reflective surface.

ya this is my third post…one of them was an accident, but this is driving me crazy, ive reinstalled garrys mod and all of the half life 2 games including lost cost and still nothing, i go in game and i have no surface on the water you know where it looks like its a still ocean with tiny waves and stuff, instead i have no reflective surface and when i go in any game weather it be an ocean map or construct theres just a big brown area and i can see the bottom clearly, its not an addon i checked, is there any reason for this to happen?

please help i almost smashed my keybord to itty bitty bits because this is really pissing me off, even if i cant fix it i just need to know whats wrong.

there is a pic in there and i just checked and saw that all the valve games have the same problem.

seriously no one knows what could be wrong?