No weapon hud

Hey i started gmod up this yesterday and i noticed when i press a key like 1,2 or 3 i pull the weapon out but the little menu at the top wont show up so i dont know what weapons are in the category someone told me it was something to do with Mr greens zombie survival server but i dont know how to fix it any help please?

Delete your gmod folder and start up the game fresh if it annoys you that much


you can memorize it

Probably fast weapon switch. Go into options keyboard advanced see if fast weapon switch is checked if it is uncheck it

I was having this problem to…thanks :smiley:

I have the problem too I play gmod with it about a year, as i delete my gmod folder do keep my

No. Move them first.

Do i remove te first gmod folder or the second



well you can move the first if you want but there would be very little point

YESSSSS i love you so much whoever sudgested fast weapon switch you are god to me you are my savior lol :smiley:

why would people remove the gmod folder to fix this problem? I mean not only is it a meny option, it also stays the same when garrysmod gets changed/reinstalled because of the steam cloud.