No Wipe Servers

If there servers, which dont wipe?

There’s a few servers that’ll take a while to wipe, but there’s always a chance that it can go corrupt in saves and the forced wips also happen due to changes in the Bp’s and the upcoming XP system. The best you’re looking at is around a month before a forced wipe may happen (after the xp system comes in) Once the game has finished, maybe there’ll be non wipe servers.

Have someone a IP for a no Wipe Server?

You won’t get many responses with server suggestions here due to this forum’s rules on server advertising.

Play on the offcial ones they only wipe when its necesarry.

I normaly dont advertise for them because they are shit you have cheaters and a lot of issues if it comes to playability since they constantly go down have laggs stuff like that.

But for people that actually dont like wipes they are good.

I’d say Community or Official. IMO Community has more social aspect as owners run events and do other things and manage cheaters and ban them on regular if they are active.

If i would knew some good no wipe ones i would have already told you

This is pretty much impossible due to the forced monthly wipes imposed by the game developer.

All servers wipe at least monthly, unless someone goes to great lengths to prevent it, and all the clients that play on it, from updating. I don’t see how that is practical.

Like my mom used to say “wipe that ******* **** or else no one will want to play on you”

I’d like to have official no wipe server, but with a blueprint update. I made a plugin a while ago that gives blueprints for some items a limited crafting numbers. Like the low value items like rugs, garage doors & so on would have a high craft number. But things like C4, Rockets, Launchers, AK & Bolti’s & so forth, would have a low craft number. So people would need to continue to find scrap for researching. But I’d like this to be a thing in rust as a server option for officials.

I work 8am till 6-7pm Monday to Fridays. I love my work as I built my business from nothing & it’s booming. But that limits me playing for an odd hour a day & maybe a couple at weekends. But rust is becoming very unfriendly for solo/casual players. Some people play all day every day & honestly, I pity them for being sad little monsters. But the games becoming very complicated & overly time consuming. I like the workbench update, makes getting items I want quicker. But all the electricity, growing, genetics, vehicles & so on. There’s no way a solo would even manage to have a go with that & have time to build a defendable base.

I just think we need solo servers with the features I’ve mentioned so solo’s can actually enjoy the game & not feel like they have to dedicate their entire week playing it just to compete.