No witnesses exept crows

Here’s my last pic, no editing

Forgot to set JPEG quality to 100 :frowning:

Cool angle. Gives the feeling that he killed someone up here.

“Witnesses shall be…tranquilized…”

Cool, feels like an after-mission cutscene, like you completed it successfully and it shows him walking off from that awesome angle. End mission. What map did you use? Or is that a green screen photo? I cant tell i dont have my glasses =(

Looks totally hitman like, when you just get out a building, turn the camera up and tell yourself “Fuck yeah, i’m too badass.”

Those crows are flying to the police department I bet.

And nobody saw a thing… or so he hopes.

Am I the only one who laughed hard at “except crows”?

He’s gonna fap right there on the street.


gm_atomic, i used props.

He should have killed the crows too, a ture hitman leaves NO witnesses.

Looks like the finger is behind the trigger.

That suit skin is really bad… well it’s not so much the texture that’s bad, just the fact it’s a red suit with a red tie and black shirt. Looks pretty dumb.

Fancy camera angle though and nice scene-build.