No workshop custom content working on server!

Hello, I have had a DarkRP server for quite some time now and I have a collection set up with my server. When I put addons that don’t require custom models or textures they work perfectly, but when I try custom content like M9K or Custom playermodels it shows up as errors. I do all the code correctly in the addentities.lua and shared.lua in the DarkRP gamemode files so I don’t know what the problem is. I really want to take my server to the next level, but it is hard when I am limited to just CSS and HL2 content.

Any help is great! for every workshop addon that has models/materials/sounds in it.

I tried that with the M9K weapons and this time the sound worked but they were still errors. I put the code in C:\GMOD\garrysmod\lua\autorun\server.lua is that where it should be?

Did you type:
resource.AddWorkshop( “WorkshopID” )

I managed to get them working but now they seem to shoot through walls…

Then it’s a problem with the files themselves.