No world reflections on ANY map.

My world reflections in gmod do no work, I do not have any startup parameters, and my ingame settings are all at max.
I have no addons that could affect anything as I have a very small list of addons currently since I recently removed all my addons.
The addons I have do not alter graphics in any way.

It doesn’t matter what map I play, there are no reflections loading, not even on CSS maps which indeed do show texture reflections in CSS.
Reflections do not work on any props or sprites in any map, water reflections do not work right either. Water is still nice and shiny, but does not reflect any props or world objects.
This is especially annoying since I like making maps in hammer, but since reflections don’t work right it’d be impossible to tweak cubemaps right.

No errors in console.

ASUS GeForce GTX 780 3GB PhysX CUDA
Intel Core i7-4820K

I run Gmod on an SSD, doubt that would make any diffrence though.

try forcing -dxlevel 95(i think) and see if that changes anything, note when you do this you may have to change your settings again

Works like a charm. Thanks alot, this does not only fix the reflexions, but makes the game look alot prettier in general.