No, you probably should not rent a server

Being a little bored, I decided to see how many servers did not have players. To do this, I let all the servers load to a total of 4916 servers.

Next, I went through to the page that actually had at least one player for both the community and modded section. The community section had 25 pages of servers without players. There are 23 servers per page. The modded section had extremely close to 100 pages of servers without players.

Using simple multiplication and addition, there are 2875 servers out of 4916 without a single player. This equates to 58.5% of all servers have no players. Personally, I thought about starting a server myself, but I must be realistic. Is my server likely to gain players or fall into the category of having no players? I’ve seen popular servers go to dead, and mine would likely due the same regardless of how good of an admin I was. There are so many alternative servers.

What are your thoughts on the excessive amounts of servers?

There is no actual way to search in the server list.

I’m new to rust since a week ago now.
Was looking for a pve server but never found one.
Every server i found which was PVE was empty or they used mods i didn’t like.
So searching for a server whit actual working genre’s would be a step into the right direction.
(you do got a lot of websites offering you the whole rust server list. all is this mostly not all or do you Gotta be a genius to get anything out of it.)

If you make a new server today, and you do got a good way to make reclame for it.
I’m sure you can get the server even full after a few days.
But again people don’t feel like they enjoy a rust server whit 150 people.
1st it laggs, second: it feels like a gladiator pitch. Only is this a open world…

People lose favo servers after big update.
I had found a noob friendly server where i could learn the game a bit whit out worrying about a gun in the face.
After the big sky update i did never found that server back again.
I bet i’m not the only one to who hapent this.
And a way to kill a server.

Do not get a server. I have a server that was growing, vanilla with friendly pvp, no hackers. After a couple of updates and subsequent wipes the server is now dead. I am currently alone on a smooth running server, not to mention the fact that as an admin I dont take part in PVP, even if killed I don’t retaliate. About as fair an admin as I could possibly be, but the game is constantly being changed and with those changes and problems people flee the server. There is also a serious lack of anything to do once people get kitted out…the game needs more depth.

Fighting this right now. got up to 25 players last night but as an admin who doesnt abuse or spawn anything all you spend your day doing is talking people into staying after their base gets blow into. Everyone wants to quit, have a wipe, or move servers after a base raid… Never ending cycle to try and keep consistent players.

you can see at the bottom of the rust server menu how many players are on and how many servers there are. at this moment there are 4972 servers and 8040 players taking up 2% of the total capacity. If you spread everyone evenly, that’s less than 2 people per server.

Steam shows there are 20,241 players on at this moment. That would be 4 people per server.

Rust’s peak today was 42,668 and would equate to less than 9 people per server if spread evenly.

There’s way more supply than demand, and demand is waning. Just last month, the average would have been 15 people per server using Steam’s peak numbers.

Its hard but its possible :wink:

No, at the moment there are too many servers for the amount of players.

This should find some balance as the game gets further into development. Not everyone is cutout to be a Alpha tester.

if you look at the bottom of the screen where it says players and servers, it also says we are at 1% capacity. ive never seen it over 1%. So even though you can have 4 or 10 people per server, the server max pop isnt the same on all of them.

Just paid another month for our Rustify server. Players tend to like fair admin, not daycare supervisor.

Constant fight against hackers, not playing at all, talking in chat and open steamgroup and faceboog pages, 1 wipe after 26 days from start which players voted for.

Theres my story, peak on monday, 100/100 players, now its around 80 at late evenings.

Sepe - Rustify

Not sure why people keep pumping money into these god awful server companies when Garry doesn’t even show the slightest interest in expanding to companies that have good reputations for good performance/quality while people keep paying more than 2x what they paid for the game just to have a chance to battle hackers since the official servers have 0 admins. I’ve played on every company there is (in USA) and they all get laggy at some point and people either quit due to that, being raided, or inactive admins not taking care of cheaters. Everybody thinks they’ll buy a server and change all that, nobody can be on 24/7 and it’s difficult to choose actual trustworthy people to help admin. Every “24/7 Admin” server has no admins when I play at odd hours such as this (4-6AM EST).

I wonder if facepunch receive money for servers rented by server providers.

mainly discount on other/(more) servers

Really speaking, it actually depends how you advertise it and set the server up.

Being ‘unique’ is the best way to attract players into a server.
If you’re going to be similar to other servers (especially popular ones) then no, you won’t get any people.

Key point: be unique, be active, friendly and actually respect the players.

Being unique doesn’t make sense when all I play in are community servers which are vanilla. The way to do it is have 10 or so friends start a fresh server with a simple to the point name and let people come in. If it doesn’t work it wont work.

You can never keep everyone happy, I was in the same situation as you regarding whether to get a server hosted or play on the already existing ones, mainly due to trust of admins. Seems I have found a nice balance now though, even if the server is likely to be wiped but I can see the reasoning behind it.

I’d say the most important thing as an admin is to be active and fair (fair as in you as an admin only use your tools to dispatch obvious cheaters and help players being stuck/totally new to the game). When players tell you that you’re the best admin they’ve met … then you know you’re doing something good.

/Dynamit Harry

First server I tried playing on was amazing. I picked it because the admin’s were located close by. Smaller server, 20-70 players, vanilla, and the admins were perfect. They didn’t “play”, they just banned hackers and helped you if you got stuck or glitched and couldn’t move etc.

It was perfect because you got to know the players, and they knew you. You knew who was on the server, who were allies and enemies, who was dangerous, there was a certain politic to it all. The server died after a hack attack that wiped all structures off the map.

I tried joining another server, Carolinas gaming, but it’s just not the same. It was a really well managed server but there’s too many players to get started late, and I miss all the politics, diplomacy and knowing the players like I had before. I don’t play anymore at all, I might try again after more content rolls out.

To all those posters saying the key is to be active and fair, dealing with hackers and helping noobs and never playing for yourself, then just know that I have tried all that and it makes no difference. Ive been told by many that I was the best admin they’ve experienced, yet those same people are gone as well. There are just too few players and not enough depth to keep players interested. If you have a server with more than 50% census, consider yourself more lucky than gifted. It can all change tomorrow.

that is what minecraft is for.what would be the game without pvp?