About our Rust server


Console (F1) connect:
net.connect (If you have problems with your Serverhistory, use net.connect

STARTER PACKAGE: Type “/kit starter” ingame to get your (small) starter package!


  • Location: Germany
  • Slots: 100
  • Sleepers: ON
  • PvP: ON
  • Crafting Time: 0.5
  • Item Durability: OFF
  • OXIDE: Type /help ingame to see all available commands. (DOORSHARING/GROUPS/etc.)
  • Min. Players for Airdrop: 20
  • Player backpack locktime: OFF
  • Global Chat in English and German only
  • Daily Server restart @ 5.00 AM CET/UTC+1 (NO WIPE - Only Lag-Prevention)
  • EVENTS: Will be announced (website/steamgroup) as we go along


  • NO “Unraidable Base” (Exploit)
  • NO Racism
  • NO Extreme Flaming / Insults / (etc.)
  • NO Cheating / Exploiting / Griefing / (etc.)
  • NO Admin abuse
  • NO Steam Family Sharing

(Various Anti Cheat Plugins installed)


Steam Group:

“nobkz” = Northrends Baumfaeller Kreedz
Actually we are a Kreedz Community (Counter-Strike 1.6 Mod) - But we also like to play other Games :wink:

My Steam Profile:


sry wrong thread

Like this Server!

New Players get some help to get startet here, no need to fight those bears with a stone!

also i havent seen any laggy zombies, players or crafting laggs yet!

bump :v:


push (Server IP Changed)

Nice Server!!

Very good choice for new Players and experienced Players.

The most Players on the server are Friendly!!

Come on and enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Fresh Server + Admin !

Realy the choice for New Players !

Really good Server!
Friendly People and the Admin is always helping!
Come and Join!

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Dont forget the free TS³ Server!

Nice Server Noob friendly.

Friendly admins.



I’ve hidden three storage boxes for you! (random more or less useful loot)

BOX 1 - Already found! (Loot: 1000x Wood, 1000x Metal Fragments, 99x Low Quality Metal, 1x P250, 250x 9mm Ammo)
BOX 2 - Already found! (Loot: 150x Wood Planks, 10x Large Spike Walls, 5x Metal Doors, 1x Shotgun, 250x Shotgun Shells)
BOX 3 - Already found! (Loot: 2x Complete Leather Armor, 2x M4, 500x 556 Ammo)

HF&GL :pwn:


Very nice Server!!! Admin helps everytime, Friendly Players, no lags. Free TS³ Server. It’s a very good choice for new and experienced Players.

great server
The only thing it needs is a few more players. :wink:

About 25-30 active players atm!

And no, Airdrops start at 40 players, so new players wont get raped away with a lot of c4!

Btw… new players get a starting package. This includes a stone hatchet, a bow, some arrows, little bit food and some wood!

Best Server ! Noob friendly ! Nice Admin !

only needs more players.

bump :stuck_out_tongue:

there still was no airdrop - so… its still good for new players! :smiley:


… still nice for new players!


I’ve hidden three storage boxes for you (again)! :smiley:

BOX 1 - Already found! - (Loot: 3x M4, 750x 556 Ammo, 15x Large Medkit, 9x F1 Grenade, 2x Explosive Charge)
BOX 2 - Already found! - (Loot: 250x Cooked Chicken Breast, 1x Full Kevlar Armor, 1x Bolt Action Rifle, 250x 556 Ammo, 5x Metal Door, 5x Metal Window Bars, 150x Low Quality Metal)
BOX 3 - Already found! - (Loot: 5x Metal Door, 250x Wood Planks, 2x Explosive Charge, 1000x Wood, 1x Shotgun, 250x Shotgun Shells)

In addition there is a special raidable base filled with some loot. :stuck_out_tongue:


HF&GL :stuck_out_tongue:

bump! :stuck_out_tongue: