Nobody Can Connect to my Server

You see, I’m trying to create a server for my friends, I have it done, I know how to connect, but there’s a problem… No one else can connect to it. I can’t even see it in the server list, just in LAN. I don’t know what to do. Can someone help?

Redirect to here: Look for the “Port Forwarding”

I did the port forwarding, but it didn’t work.

you got sv_lan set to 1 ?

Nobody wants to join.

First Clicle, name it HL2steamserver if you can, Second circle this should be the last 3 digits of the IP and circle 3 is a no brainer. Also the 27015 to 27020 means on the SRCDS GUI menu when it asks for port, type in 27015,016,017,018,019,or 20

Not everyone has a linksys router.

#1, I’ve done all the port forwarding, 2, to the person who said “no one wants to join” could you stop being a jerk and try to be a bit relevant to the thread? Thank you. 3, I don’t think I did have sv_lan at 1. I’ll try.

You will only ever be able to see it on the LAN tab by the way…

Also, you need sv_lan set to 0.

I’ve tried these, none of these work.

Enable bridge mode on your modem.

How do you enable bridge mode?

i have the same problem

Fail bump…

Anyway… I’ll just quote myself…

OR! use DMZ! :slight_smile:

AND! Open your computer up to a shitload of attacks.

i have forwarded my ports. my server worked fine up until now (sorry for the thread hijack i really want an answer

Try this in the garrys mod console not the dedicated steam shit

sv_lan 0

It worked for me

Heh, how do you think the professional companies host the servers?

Anyway, if port forwarding isn’t working, and you’re SURE that you have everything configured correctly on your computer, the problem is most likely with your ISP, it would just be best to rent a server from one of the hosts listed at

Alot of people do