Nobody Can Join My Server

Nobody can join my server, but I can join fine from both my internal and external IPs. Port forwarding didn’t work. Setting it to the DMZ didn’t work. Hell, even connecting directly to the modem didn’t work. I have “+ip [my external ip] -port 21075” set in the command parameters. I had to copy over engine.dll and steam_api.dll from my source 2007 GCF file else I would get a message box saying “Invalid Steam key size”. If I’m connected through my router, and I put my external IP after the “+ip” switch, I get a message box saying, “Couldn’t allocate any server IP port.” It works fine if I use my internal IP, and I can connect. It will also work if I’m not connected through my router and have a different IP.


Not -port


Regardless, that didn’t solve anything.

Also, I forgot to mention that sv_lan is set to 0

This sounds like a tough one.


I left it on, and a couple people connected and played for a few minutes.

in the developers console type:sv_lan 0 and heartbeat make a server 2 times with the same command

I had the same problem with Halo a while back… could be your anti-virus if u have one. Just another one of the reasons why I run Deep Freeze (look it up) with no AV :0

You gotta forward those ports in both your firewall and your router. It varies, so go here: to find your manufacturer/game to do so with. Look up HL2DM.




My ISP is Charter Communications if it’s relevant.

Perhaps my ISP could be blocking ports?