Nobody can use text chat. Only voice chat.

Anyone else getting this error? I can’t figure out what’s causing it. Though, using gestures from the ChatGestures addon works, and they’re done through chat commands.

I dunno how to get logs of the server to see if there’s a related error. We have a Brohoster server, so if someone who knows what’s going on or something here could guide me to the server logs then that’d be fantastic

Still need help with this, it’s extremely frustrating.

Tried troubleshooting? It may be one of your addons which are broken… Bit more info would be fine, like if its bringing the chatbox up, chatmessages not “going through”, or whatevers wrong :wink:

It’s likely one of your addons is returning “” in PlayerSay ( or whatever the hook happens to be ).

Just disable your addons and enable them one at a time until the problem occurs again to find which one is causing your problem, and then maybe someone could look at it and fix it for you.

It seems it has fixed itself even though I haven’t touched anything, but only after the servers went down widespread for maintenance.

Oh well.