Nobody Home

Don’t say i’m spamming threads.

This is my last pose for a few days if not a week or so because my next pose is going to be a LOT of work to execute properly.

Not great, not bad

I hate to do it but i have to agree. This is one of few images i’ve ever made that actually came out 100% identical to the concept.

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His face appears to be glowing.

That’s what happens when the glare from a tv hits your face

I guess he means the shining bulb in front of his face.

You dodged the crap out of the poor T.V.
And burned alot of places.

But that’s what makes it smooth.
like it.

The lamp IS right infront of his face

i like this.


Overall picture is kinda meh… Doesn’t look the best but its not too bad… some of the glow looks weird and jagged.