Nobody joining my server?

So I have this 32 Slot DarkRP server. It’s not like “Every other server” it’s custom. We use different stuff, because that is who we are. Different. Nobody every seems to want to join it though, and I wanted to know… why? Me, and atleast 2 others are on daily to try to get people on, but to no avail. Any suggestions/ideas?

I recommend building a proper community with other gamemodes before starting a DarkRP.
Typical DarkRP servers have big sized downloads and players aren’t going to wait unless they have already downloaded your content or there was a motive to joining.

Any suggestions?

I’d personally start with a TTT and maybe after that something else. Only then would I be willing to start a DarkRP.
Build a community first with a good amount of regulars then create other servers on different gamemodes and your regulars are more likely to populate those, thus attracting the new players in the other gamemodes too.
Gain more regulars.

You don’t simply start a DarkRP server and get players. That’s not how it works unless you get extremely lucky. As of posting this my gmod client tells me there’s almost 900 DarkRP servers, maybe 40-50 of those are going to be actually populated. Starting a community is hard work and takes time, lots of it. All you can do is make the server as enjoyable for people as possible, try inviting as many people as you can, and wait.

Taking this advice in mind, I don’t need to pay per-month to host my server. I have my own bracket. So time is no big deal at all.

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How many slots is good for TTT? And also, how many is good for Murder?