"Nobody survives forever" Zoey walking past an overrun Military Outpost

Last boring picture next one wont be generic.
C&C on dat lighting please.


Beautiful, I really like the detail shown on Zoey. Only complaint I have is that the lighting doesn’t play well with the corpses, and more detail could be used to show the devastation. A few blood smears, bullet casings and the like.

Ooooooh Combine is back on form with a person to the right of the picture looking off-screen.

To be fair I made a similar style picture recently so I can’t talk… then again I haven’t made one hundred.

Whatever. The lighting is quite nice… although you should probably include an on-screen lightsource because having two off-screen sources looks odd.

Holy shit that lighting is amazing

Last one, I promise!

Thanks dude!

Yeah I fucked on the background since its basically a close-up. I agree, some more blood and gore could have made it more interesting.

Shit Comby. The light is pure beauty. One of your better ones. I am fucking impressed. Have a god damn art.

Sex to my ears :buddy:
Thanks buddy!

It did well as a desktop background to. Now I can ogle Zoey for avail:q:

Lol, good to hear you like the pic.

Zoey’s face looks weird, but other then that it’s awesome. If you have the original, send it to me via PM. I’d like to do some personal modifications and use it as a wallpaper :3:

zoey looks lovely in that pic. the lighting is nice, did you use more ingame or post process editing?


Thank you. Will post a screenshot of my desktop when I’m done.

Neat lighting, but you should have done something with the background, too. Zoey now stands out.

Good lighting once again dude. Though the background could have more lighting.


Thanks guys!

i thought she turned witch already


ahh, silly me

Desktop as off now:


I only changed the hair a bit. The geomatry of the hair looks odd, but at least it doesn’t look weird in the way it reflects light. Also just did some changes to brightness and stuff.