Nobody Takes My Server...

I really don’t like the way this turned out, but It was fun to make. I have made much better ones, but I still want to improve as much as I can so I posted it. Please don’t say that he has his hand off the crowbar, because I only realized this after I had exited the game. Also, this has no editing, but I feel that it does need some. If anyone wants to add in some dust or get creative, feel free.

the combine’s legs are very awkward.

Why is there cum on the mingebag’s pants? :ohdear:

Some editing wouldn’t hurt.
At least add some blur to these minge legs and make metrocop hold the gravity gun and the crowbar properly.

You should know what they do to their victims.

The crowbar looks kinda funny. You should change the Gravity Gun’s angle to be held up against the combine arm. And one more thing, what’s with the white stuff on the Mingie’s pants?

He’s so cool he can hold a crowbar ouside his hand.

I never knew Combines had telekinetic powers.

Needs more work, nice try.