NoC4 | Buy | Remove | Daytime PVE | Night PVP (*Adults*)

New server/community (50slots)

  • No C4/Grenades

  • AirDrop min. players 3

  • Default decay time

  • Backpack lock time 7minutes

  • DayTime Settings: PVE | Instant Craft | Sleepers Off

  • NightTime Settings: PVP | Half Craft | Sleepers On

  • Server location: Los Angeles, CA.

  • Adult gamers (30~40’s WELCOME!)

  • All player types welcome (solo survivors, PVE, PVP, hunters & gatherers, builders, etc.)

  • Only global wipes by the developer or forced wipes by the GSP (No unnecessary data wipes)

/help (lists all available player commands)
/remove (unwanted building parts instantly)
/buy (resources with money earned while connected to the server)
/history (view chat history)
/lists (view online player list)
/share (doors with friends)
/ghelp (create & manage your own group)
/pm (private messaging)

Click F1 while in-game to open the console.
Copy and paste the following command to connect to our server.



we need more regulars. please come check us out. :downs: