Noclip effects

i think it would be really cool if Garrys mod would get cool effects for the Noclip mode.

  • since the character is flying i think it would be cool if when you boost there could be like a warpy zoom line effect around your character to simulate quick speed. also maybe a faint zoom sound effect.

  • when the character boosts while in no clip near the ground it would be cool if they generated a dist trail on the ground. like it could kick up dirt, water, sand, dust etc. and it would get gradually larger as you near the surface. also maybe some sound effects for that too.

  • when your character passes through walls or surfaces while in Noclip it could create an effect along the surface of the object (similar to the wave/ripple effect when you touch water). and again mabe some warpy sound effects.

these are just some simple ideas i had. thought it make it seem cooler and more like an ability that just a glitch.

Why would you ever need unneeded stuff like this? Noclip is used for the players sake of being able to fly, not being in some noclip gamemode where everyone else spectates you while you noclip. If that’s your purpose, then so be it. The noclip swimming animations were stupid from the beginning.

i disagree. i think its a cool way of making the game more professional. it wouldn’t hurt to add and it would be cool for people who like to mess around on Noclip with their friends so i think its worth adding. besides, there was discussion of adding more realistic animations for jumping and swimming and clearly for flying. just a suggestion…

The swimming animations was originally for water, but then someone got the brilliant idea of putting them in noclip too.

Noclip is made for developers to go to where ever they need to go, without being bound to the map. That is why it is in praticially every game with a visible console. It is not a flying effect. Garry just made the great idea to bind it to V, so we could use it easier to build with. It was not made for this. If you were actually ‘flying’, you’d smash into a wall, not go threw it. Ask for a mod that makes you fly, instead. On top of that, noclip is a core engine function. I doubt Lua can edit it, like such. Unless they have it set so if noclip mode is on, it does a certain feature, but that would need to be client side and would be useless to everyone else. If it was server side, it would probably set the effect on anyone. Let alone, it might think the client is cheating by editing such a feature, and make it not available on Multiplayer, therefore probably ruining the effect. It would be much easier to just have a brand new script for ‘flying’, instead of noclip.

yea i guess… just thought it would be cool tho cos most ppl use noclip more often than not. so i thought it would be cool since its like the most common way to travel and not just a tool for editing. anyways, the game itself is basically a giant editing program so why have any animations for anything at all then …