Noclip Field

Noclip Fields can disable noclip for players in range.

Noclip Field:

  • Disable Noclip for players in range
  • Don’t disable noclip for Owner
  • Draw a red circle :slight_smile:


  • Can disable spawning props
  • Can disable suicides
  • Can disable tools
  • Can disable physgun / gravgun

You can spawn thems and change settings using the STool.

Admins can also disable noclip for other admins (don’t work on SuperAdmins)

[Useful CVars]
noclip_field_adminonly : So only admins can use. (Default to 1)
sbox_maxnoclip_field : Noclip Fields limit. (Default to 1)

Now can update a Field using the stool on it.
Disable suicide

Can disable tools
Can disable gravgun / physgun
Now can be disabled / enabled with wiremod
New client option to be affected by every fields

Download latest:
Other versions:

Thanks for reading <3

That’s pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to make it so that people can’t no-clip into certain areas.

Very nice, could be useful for many situations.

So what exactly does it do? Just disable noclip if your in range of the spawned entity for everyone unless the cvar is set for allow admins?

Also what if an admin were to teleport a player in noclip into the no noclip zone, what would happen? Is there a method to check if a player is currently noclipping?

I like it either way.

Well that’s a nice addon. But, if a player is already noclipping, will it disable his noclip or just disable running the command (Or the action executed by “v” button)?

The entity is spawned with a STool (wooops, i miss that in description :slight_smile: ), so you can choose if admins can noclip in range or not, but always disable noclip for simple players.
You can also choose to disable prop spawning, and create a “jail” for minges.

True, it check if player is noclipping, and disable it. People in range just can’t enable noclip.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Make it so they can’t kill themselves (like binding K to kill)

Good idea :slight_smile:
I upload a new version.

nice work but, it needs wire inputs. :slight_smile:

Or a separate Wire version for those people who don’t have wire or can’t use it.

You can add a tick button called “wire mode” in the toolgun menu. :wink:

Why does it matter if they can kill themselves :P?

Smart minge knows that they can usually escape with a suicide and you have to catch them all over again…

A separate version would be better since I live life in the wire tool area.

Can you add a an option to make this effect Super Admins? I want to have it affect me also :o

Is this Advanced Duplicator-able?

If not, I would like to see this.

Nice addon!

Can this disable tools?

if WireAddon then
– Do wire stuff here

Another new version :slight_smile:
Thanks all for your suggestions.
(I’m uploading, i’ll update the 1st post)

Would it be possible for you to create a god mode field? Make it admin only and maybe have a max on time of 1 min before it has to shutdown and cool off for 2 min that way it couldn’t be abused. The admin that spawns it could also set whether it just protects him, or other players as well. Do you think that could be added to the current stool?