Noclip Field

That would probably work if it was a separate STool

I love this tool!
Good work!

Thank you, i post this request long time ago and… here is it =)

If it’s Admin-only, why restrict its functionality? Most Admins can already god themselves and other players, and on a server where they can’t, it could be made Superadmin-only. [/offtopic]

Is there a way to limit the radius of non-admin fields?

It would be good to use this for spawn areas. It would stop people being idiots on spawn.

Player they are inside of the field can spawn SENDs.
I want they can’t.


SENDs? You mean sents?

If you inside the noclip field, then you can still spawn sends :frowning:

Okay I think he’s saying even with prop spawning off, players in the field can still spawn entities. Might want to look into that a bit.

Yes this is it, what I mean.

Sorry for my bad English. :slight_smile:

No big deal.

I like this addon’s concept.

Good, ive been waiting for something like this, but it was not one of my “top 5 not released” addons, but i like this.

why is it gone

please re-host file …? new download link. please

Yeah, where is it?

Good but pls make an SVN version.

And pls make it really wireable becouse when a duping the wire is removed. Thx.

Can I make a suggestion?

Also allow the overriding of sbox_plpldamage option?

Then people could set a “DM Zone” properly, only allowing players in the area to shoot each other.

Links are dead , please reupload

Here you go…
There are two differences on this version though:

  • You can’t see the circle. (people were reporting fps drops)
  • Added hooks to stop player from spawning vehicles and weapons instead of only props.
  • I’m not sure, but I think I did mess with the limit code as it didn’t work… still doesn’t.

I had plants to recode this on my head for quite a while now… but I am lazy
I did even plan what hockeyboi asked.
Another reason I wanted to recode this is because no one really has ball-like contraptions. So modifying the shape of the field was my main modifications… if I even had the interest to do that.
I had even bigger evolution for this tool in my head but I’ll let that rot until someone asks me…