noclip & godmode don't work.

The funcion GODMODE and NOCLIP in my GMOD11 don’t work. help!

Try turning on sv_cheats.

not work :S but thank…

Do you mean singleplayer or multiplayer? If you mean multiplayer then you won’t have them if your on a server your not admin on.


sbox_noclip 1?

sbox_noclip 1 & sbox_godmode 1 don’t work,

Try typing god in the console.

still don’t work,

Then sv_cheats isn’t on.

There isn’t a way to god yourself in singleplayer with vanilla sandbox.

function GM:PlayerShouldTakeDamage( ply, attacker )

// The player should always take damage in single player..
if ( SinglePlayer() ) then return true end

// Global godmode, players can't be damaged in any way
if ( server_settings.Bool( "sbox_godmode", false ) ) then return false end

// No player vs player damage
if ( attacker:IsValid() && attacker:IsPlayer() ) then
	return !server_settings.Bool( "sbox_plpldamage", false )

// Default, let the player be hurt
return true


However, noclip in console should work fine.

sv_cheats 1
sbox_noclip 1


sv_cheats 1
sbox_godmode 1