Noclip In Rust

I was wondering… Is it possible to enable Noclip as an Admin? I would really want that on my server… I Know there’s teleport… but i was wondering if Noclip is a possibility! :slight_smile:

Not right now(server owner trying to find it too by oxide)

I wouldn’t ever even recommend using it, people will just scream admin abuse…

If there was a noclip I would only use it on a server that is not intended as survival, modded with a new gamemode it may be used for.

They have flying but not noclip yet. Someone will code it up some time.

Gotta agree. While I’m not a server admin, its already bad enough that if a server admin does anything admin like we get posts warning how mean they are. If there was an admin no clip the board would be on fire from all the accusations of “corrupt, power mad admins” no clipping and taking stuff. Even if it was rightfully done to a cheater or was in fact the old “break down wall, replace after looting” schtick.

I completely understand your views about admin abusing… Many would abuse it… I personally wouldn’t though…
Anyway… how is it possible to fly then?

I saw a plugin on i think it was on the Oxide forums.

Possible and easy to do, anyone that looks at forums could do it within 10 minutes. (The shitty method at-least, there’s much better ways of doing besides voxels)

wanna cheat without getting banned? buy a server