NOCLIP into my base

So i was playing this server which has about 3 players online been up for 1 day and i had managed to get 2 c4 3 stacks of gun powder and about 3k metal fragments + 400 metal ore in furnance and when i logged on back everything was gone in my boxes and furnance and i had 3 metal doors protecting them and none of em were blown up. Did an admin teleport to me and take everything or is there a way to bruteforce locks?

Lots of ppl c4 the wall, then replace it when they leave, for this very reaction.

Despite what others will try to tell you, this is a known hack/exploit. It’s been getting better, but people can still walk through doors. Similar things have happened to me.

the things is i had 4 packs of walls u have to get through 1 floor house to get into my box house, and nowone on the server had c4 exept me

Dont get me wrong, sure sound like either corrupt admin or hackers. But how do you know only you had c4?

Usualy when people used to abuse bugs to get in there where sleepingbags everywhere, this however should be fixed with the new patch