Noclip issue

Hello everyone! So I am managing this DarkRP server and so far everything has been going great. I am running into an issue with noclip though. Whenever I press V (default noclip button) I don’t go anywhere. I tried rebinding it but there is still no luck. My server runs on the ULX Admin Mod. If I am to use “ulx noclip” instead of regular “noclip” it will work. I would love to figure out a way to get the default noclip command to work. The thing is, my admins are able to, just not the owner group I am in, which I made, that has more permissions than admin.
Thanks in advance!

why not just use the ulx noclip?

You could just make a seperate piece of code that looks a little something like this:

function GM:PlayerNoClip( ply )
	if ply:IsAdmin()  or ply:IsOwner() then return true
	return false

You need to have access through fadmin if you wanna use that