NoClip Spazzing Out and Config Durping

So here’s the problem, I had booted up Garry’s Mod 10 yesterday, and my noclip worked like normal and all my custom keybindings were working. So about 25 minutes ago I booted up the game and went into flatgrass to just mess around, but my noclip would not work, I would just suddenly freeze, just me not the game itself. I thought movetype_none would have been enabled but I don’t know. Part two of my problem is my bindings just magically went away. For instance I have night_vision installed and bound it to “n”, checked my config file in the cfg folder and it was back to the default and no I didn’t change anything, and havent installed any new mods or anything since my last play. Any idea how to fix/prevent this from happening again. Bindings aren’t really as important as the noclip issue. Thanks for any future help

How did you boot up your game? Do you have all Source games set to autoupdate off? Because most of us are getting the Client error.

Well Im using the Gmod 10 torrent version on my school laptop seeing as theres no way to install steam onto it. It just boots up. obviously cant update. On my PC on steam tho I have autoupdating on. Im not having this problem at home

You shouldn’t post this if you’ve downloaded a illegal version of Gmod.

To be fair he does own it legally as well, but meh.

If he own both an legal and illegal version doesnt make it legal.