Noclipping or glitch?

So the past two mornings I have got on about half of my stuff in crates has been gone, but no walls are gone, sleeping bags are still there, and my wooden barrier completely surrounding the building is intact. I am missing all wood and medkits, some m4s and mp5s, and about 80% of my ammo. But pistols and shotguns are still there, my stack and a half of metal fragments are still there, and a stack of gunpowder is still there. With the top-tier weapons missing I seem to think it’s a noclipping issue, but it makes me wonder why they are so selective. Also the smaller, more secluded base I have was done the same way.

My loot is stored on the second floor and their are multiple metal doors between everything, so it’s not walls blown/out replaced.

Maybie they destroyed your wall took everythink and put a new wall? :smiley:

It’s a noclip cheat. Most of the cheaters only play for pvp, so they take all the guns/ammo/armor they can find in your house, leave the rest, and run off to kill people.

From what I can tell, cheaters actually rarely go out of their way to fuck up your day. The only reason they even kill players is because most players keep their best gear on them when they log out.

Just do what I do; store everything you have before going offline, and keep your guns/ammo/armor hidden in small stashes. It’s not 100% reliable, but small stashes usually remain untouched because they’re hard to see/find if you place them behind something.

Magik: I said at the end that it wouldn’t be possible for it to be walls blown out. If you blow out any wall on the first floor, there are still about 2 metals doors to go through, and those are all still mine, not replaced. No new foundations have been placed outside to build stairs to the second floor.

Nerfed: Makes sense, but I’m on a PvE server. They also left my body and kevlar armor in plain view. But yeah I’m going to say noclipping and guess maybe they were nice cheaters that just didn’t want to clean me out of everything lol.

Thanks guys.

Sounds like a script kiddie running a no clip hack.