Nocturnal Gaming Semi-Serious RP [Fully Custom | New updates daily| Never ending fun!]

Hey just getting the word out!


Ran by a small gmod community clan called Nocturnal Gaming is one of the best RP’s around with a custom inventory setup, custom items, entities, jobs and more!

We’re working even more on the server getting a custom HUD soon, new custom made weapons, a whole different approach to RP is coming soon!

Join now to receive the veteran bonus features when the new RP approach comes!

Visit my website for more details:

or visit the NG’s forums:

What are you waiting for? Give it a shot, I guarantee you’ll love it.

Please add more information and game-monitor. You wrote the IP twice and the server does not seem unique to me. What makes your server/community different?

Could you show us an example of the upcoming features and what is your “whole new approach to rp”?

Some pictures are on my website listed in the post.

The whole new approach will not be told yet, for it is still being worked on, and also we have a custom map in progress.

If they are on your website, you should not have a problem with adding them to this thread, should you?
Just use the direct-links that you already have.

It’s almost as if you posted an advertisement saying: “Hi, this is my server, but I can’t show you what it looks like in this post because I want traffic on my website, here is the url: url

I connect on the server and 2 player start to RDM me for no reason.

Interesting server.

We are strict with RDM, if someone rdm’s you, tell an admin, they’ll be sure to take action.

Thanks Steven, we’re working our way to making it even better.

Nice alt to troll the server fourms.

hey i got banned for spamming props. the only reason i did this ws to stop a prop surfing rdming player. i know i should not have done this but no admins were on and he was ruining everys fun. plz unban me i put a lot of work into the server. my steam name is SpriteDrinker11