Node Graph Out of Date Rebuilding.. + Character/Gun Textures jacked up?

Ok, this is my first time playing GMOD, Im very close to the Minimum System Specs, yet I can run it.

I tried this many times, I entered singleplayer and went on a map.

After loading in theres a message saying “Node Graph out of dated, rebuilding”

But, There are HUGE Black Lines shooting from my position to the sky.
They are following me all over the place.

Screenshot -

Anyone know how to fix it? Please, If theres a way to install very low-res textures, please tell me!

It looks like your graphics card might not be able to handle it. You could try setting it to DirectX 10 mode and see if that makes it better. The “Node Graph is outdated” thing usually depends on the map, not your game.

Computer specs? Specifically graphics card?

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DirectX 10 doesn’t work in GMod, highest is 9.5

The minimum specs for gmod are way off. At times, it can stress even the highest end pcs. Almost every computer can RUN gmod, but the only sure fire way to have gmod to be PLAYABLE is if you are using a somewhat new computer (within the last 4 years) with an actual graphics card.