Node.JS Facepunch Commits Tracking Module

This is my development that allows you to watch the commits from the site
You can easily follow the development of S&Box, Rust, Garrys Mod and so on…

What are the advantages of use?

  • Support
  • Convenience
  • Rigorous typing (used by Typescript and AJV to verify commits)
  • It has additional functions, for example: a function that convects date in unixtime, or for example the function isHide(), which returns true/false depending on whether the commit is hidden.

How to use it?

  1. Learn how to program on JS
  2. Install Node.JS and NPM.
  3. Use npm i facepunch-commits
  4. The documentation is described in the and in the JSDOC of each function.

Examples of work:

Template code
const FacepunchCommits = require('facepunch-commits');

const commits = new FacepunchCommits(); // default interval check = 60 seconds (60000 ms)

commits.subscribeToAll((commit) => {

commits.subscribeToRepository('sbox', (commit) => {
    console.log('new commit from S&box');

CLICK (Discord bot, which sends commits to chat.)

Discord Bot Template

Github: CLICK
Issue: CLICK

Perhaps the topic is not correct, but I did not find a suitable one.
Maybe the administration will see and tell me how best.


Nice work, I was looking for something similar a while ago.