Node Placer

A relatively easy stool to create, I assume?
Basically create nodes in a map, whether noded or not.

Very good for roleplay and messing around.


This will be a part of Silverlan’s Half Life Renaissance: Reconstructed pack.

You might want to consider anger management.

Despite the fact that all of my request threads got ignored.
I’m sorry.

@shozamar: Never heard about that, but thanks.

You can’t easily add to the node mesh, so you need to mimic it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s what Silverlan is doing?

Man source has already added this… just start up half life 2 and hammer opened. compile your map stick it in your hl2’s folder. open the console from the menu and type map_edit mapname.bsp

I meant a sort of stool that places nodes on the map you’re currently playing.

Those instructions look… complicated.

It does use a tool to place nodes on the map… It gives you a pistol you left click it places a node you, right click it removes one… soooo complicated. Just follow the instructions I told you to get it started unless your just that lazy and want everyone else to make something for you that already exist.