Node Position Item Spawn.


I am wondering if it is at all possible to access the Node position on maps, in X, Y, Z.

With this i would hope to create a prop spawner which will, at random intervals, spawn an item (ammo, health, etc) at the position of a random node.

In essence this would mean an even distribution of items around a map for players to hunt down.

If possible, the code should be linked to a table which allows the addition of props and entities added to the random spawning process.

I was wondering if this could be a somewhat simple task, and if so it would be greatly appreciated if someone with some decent lua knowledge could throw in some input.

I would imagine the process would be along the lines of:

Identify random node–> Get the position of this node–> Consult the external table and choose an random entity to spawn–> Create the entity at the identified node–> Link process to a timer for a regular interval.

Thanks for reading!