Noded maps

Hey guys. It would help me greatly if you could list a bunch of great maps that have NPC nodes on them. I know the obvious such as Apocalypse and gm_wasteland and gm_bigcity.

Thanks in advance

Make your own map then the NPCs will behave in a manner in which you set out nodes :smug:

i dont like bigcitys nodes because theres no air nodes…

I really would of liked to have a combine helicopter fly thru the city chasing me while i save Mossman in a jeep.

Uh, I know of gm_Botmap. But maybe you should make your own to get the best npc wars/etc.

I say, the best way is to decompile a hl2 map that has alot of AI nodes in it.
Still learning new stuff by only looking around is hard.
Try find some tutorials. :wink: