Nodegraph Editor

This is a lua addon, but I thought a lot of mappers might find this useful, so I’m posting this here as well.
This is for gmod13 only. You can however use this tool to create a nodegraph in gmod and then use that nodegraph in any other game as well.
No re-compiling is necessary.


This stool allows you to modify the nodegraph of any map without having to recompile it.
You can add, remove and edit any node and link individually.
This addon isn’t required to use the modified nodegraph, so you can use it on any server even if it doesn’t have this addon.



● Climb nodes created with this don’t seem to work properly for now



● The nodegraph will NOT update immediately, so you will have to reload the map after you have modified and saved it.

● Due to limitations regarding file writing in lua, you’ll have to do the last step manually:
When you click ‘Save Nodegraph’ it will create a text-file with the name of the current map in ‘garrysmod/data/nodegraph/’ (e.g. ‘garrysmod/data/nodegraph/gm_construct.txt’)
You have to rename this file to ‘gm_construct.ain’ and then move it into ‘garrysmod/maps/graphs/’. If this directory doesn’t exist, just create it.
You will be notified of this the first time you save a nodegraph.

● You can’t edit gm_construct or gm_flatgrass because the game will always prioritize the nodegraphs in the gcf-files. Any other map should be fine however.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to post them here or in the thread in the lua section.

Dang bitch, that’s hella useful.

Nice work. I have to give this a go.

This is pretty damn good. Your lua skills are incredible.

Do special nodes work? like hint nodes? allowing the npc to jump?

Hint nodes are actually a combination of an ai_hint entity and a node.
The nodegraph only stores node information, the ai_hint only exists in the bsp, so I’m afraid that’s not possible.

Okay, makes sense. Thanks anyways. This tool will be great for servers!

Isn’t this already possible with console commands?

There are some console commands that allow you to edit the nodegraph ingame, yes.
However that is very clunky, very buggy and you have to recompile the map.

With this tool you can create or modify a nodegraph in almost no time and you don’t have to recompile your map. Which imo is great because most maps don’t even have any noding at all.