Nodes: npcs to climb over a small wall

What would I use to get a npc walking along the node path to climb over a small wall? if it is possible.

i only think alyx is supported for this type of stuff… and even she doesnt do that.

Just any ol’ npc? or a specific one?

Its easy with a: just use a func_chesskenwagen behind the wall

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If all the characters are built of the same bone structure as alyx, then all the characters should share the same animations, thus all be able to do this type of stuff… and you’re doing it wrong.

I believe (knowing that i have done very little NPC directing in my life) that you would need an actbusy or a scripted sequence to do so…

If everyone had the same animations, you could animate Eli using a Stunstick like a Metrocop against an Antlion-Alyx.

Just because they have the same bone structure, it doesn’t mean they have the same animations.
Also, Alyx only has pre-determined jump animations. She doesn’t climb over it, she climbs over and falls a couple of feet. So if you did manage to get her animation on another NPC, then they will end up in the ground.

You might be able to get Eli to hold a stunstick if you recompiled Eli with another line in the QC to include the animation, but Antilions have different skeleton structures, it would be impossible

erm ok none of that was about nodes so I’m guessing that it’s a no there isn’t a node to do that.

fast zombies can, but pipes tho